The University-Industry Research
On Sustainability of Tropical (Limestone) Karst Landscape

2024 - 2028



The University-Industry Research Consortium on the sustainability of tropical limestone karst landscapes aims to enhance knowledge in Sustainability Science, focusing on the country’s vital earth resources. The goal is to strike a balance between resource needs and the preservation of natural heritage.

Led by the industry, YTL Cement, the Consortium envisions promoting multi- and trans-disciplinary research through applied research and postgraduate initiatives.

The initial step towards realising this vision is the implementation of the Postgraduate Programme. This program is established through a strategic partnership between JPT-KPT, YTL Cement, and five Malaysian public universities. YTL Cement contributes a matching grant to double the number of MyBrain 2.0 scholarships.

About Us

BUILDS is YTL Cement’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm. It is dedicated to supporting causes that extend beyond business objectives. The goals of BUILDS are centred around ensuring and contributing to the wellbeing of people, the environment, and the making of sustainable and worthwhile progress.

Geopark & Geotourism Creative Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (GGCS) is a dynamic player in the field of geopark and geotourism development. With a strong commitment to the preservation and promotion of geoheritage, the company offers a comprehensive range of services encompass advisory and consultancy.

GGCS goes beyond consultation and technical services, offering training and capacity-building programs. Currently, we're engaged in administering fund from YTL Cement, directing this resource to students (Masters & PhD) from various local universities. These funds support research endeavours aimed at the sustainability of tropical limestone karst landscape throughout the country.

Memorandum of Understanding

Between Ministry of Higher Education and YTL Cement.

To implement the graduate study programme through the University-Industry Research Consortium, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on October 26, 2023, between the Department of Higher Education and YTL Cement.

JPT and YTL Cement will work together to carry out research in the field of tropical karst through a Research Consortium made up of selected universities. JPT and YTL Cement will sponsor Master and PhD students to carry out research in various fields related to the tropical karst landscape for a period of five years.

Funding for this initiative is through sponsorship by the Government with a matching grant from YTL Cement. Implementation will be monitored by a steering committee to determine policy direction while funding approval matters will be implemented by a scientific committee represented by JPT, YTL Cement and representatives of leading universities.

Exchange of Memorandum of Understanding between Prof. Dr. Azlinda Azman, Director General of Higher Education and Dato’ Hamidah Binti Maktar, Executive Director, YTL Cement
An exchange of Memorandum of Understanding between the parties was witnessed by the Minister of Higher Education, Y.B. Dato' Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, at an event held at the Ministry of Higher Education, in Putrajaya.
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Why Tropical Limestone
Karst Landscape?

Limestone hills or tropical karst landscapes, known for their uniqueness and beauty, often capture public attention. Additionally, these karst landscapes are rich in biological, historical, and archaeological heritage. In Malaysia, the presence of such landscapes is scarce, accounting for less than 3% of the total land area. However, their significance as vital construction and industrial resources leads to ongoing conflicts between industry players and the public over resource utilization.



Postgraduate Degree

The Postgraduate Degree Scholarship is a pilot program scheduled for implementation over five years (2024-2028). This initiative involves a strategic collaboration between YTL Cement and KPT-JPT, based on a matching grant for the MyBrain 2.0 scholarship. Through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), JPT commits to providing a specified number of scholarships annually, particularly for postgraduate research in various fields aimed at advancing knowledge about the sustainability of the tropical limestone karst landscape.

YTL Cement is committed to providing a matching grant to double the number of postgraduate students conducting this essential research. The Postgraduate Scholarship will also include additional funding for supervision and a special study fund, specifically allocated for field research.

A Scientific Committee, comprising field experts and representatives from JPT-KPT, as well as leading universities of the University-Industry Consortium, will review all applications and select the scholarship recipients.


About the Scholarship



  • Payment to the university is based on the amount set by the university.



  • Payment is based on the amount determined by MyBrain 2.0.



  • Field study allowance for basic needs, limited to claims under RM3,000 annually.



  • Claim-based Supervisory Allowance not exceeding RM5,000 per year.


Focus Research Areas



Geological Diversity and Landscape of Tropical Limestone Karst Landscape (Natural Heritage)


Biological Diversity and Ecosystems of Tropical Limestone Karst Landscape (Ecosystems and Environment)
Archaeology, History and Culture


Archaeology, History and Culture related to Tropical Limestone Karst Landscape (Cultural Heritage)
Sustainable Management


Sustainable Management of Limestone Resources (Construction Industry)
Integrated Conservation


Limestone Karst Landscape for Conservation and Public Education (Knowledge Tourism)


Students will receive scholarship based on the qualifications set by MyBrain 2.0 from the Ministry of Higher Education (KPT). 

Application Deadline

Applications for the University-Industry Research Consortium Sustainable Tropical Limestone Landscape Scholarship Program are expected to open from Febuary 2024. 

Application Requirements and Procedures

Eligible applicants for this sponsorship program are Bachelor’s and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students at selected public universities with the following application requirements and procedures:

  • Malaysian citizen with a first-degree qualification (CGPA 3.0 and above).
  • Have registered and received an offer letter from a selected public university.*
  • Have not received sponsorship from any other scholarship agency.


Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed to ensure that only truly qualified candidates are awarded scholarship. 

*Applicants who are interested and have not yet received an offer letter from the universities are also encouraged to apply.

Application Guideline

University-Industry Research Consortium Sustainable Tropical Limestone Landscape Scholarship Program is dedicated to studies at the Bachelor’s and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) levels at selected public universities in the country, with priority given to students in niche areas related to Tropical Limestone such as:

  • Natural Heritage
  • Ecosystem and Environment
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Construction Industry
  • Knowledge Tourism